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The Nurture Program

practitioners can work one on one, with both parents or with groups (max 12)

  • 1 h
  • arranged per contact

Service Description

Parenting Solutions Devon offers three evidenced based Parenting Programs for parents to support relationship building with their children and teenagers. The Nurture Program is a 10 week intensive parenting program which is designed to support parents to reflect on their own parenting style and learn about child development and positive behaviour management. This course positively enables parents to make the necessary changes in their family lives for the better. This programme is available as one to one sessions or can be attended by both parents together. This programme is also available to groups (max 12). The session length will vary dependent on the number of attendees. (One parent = 1 hour sessions) (two parents = 1.5 hour sessions) Our qualified staff are fully accredited to deliver these programs.

Contact Details

+44 7463969245

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