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Sonia Worthington
Managing Director

My goal for setting up Parenting Solutions Devon is to support families and their children when going through difficult times.  To support parents to positively and confidently parent their children in a safe and caring manner, to enhance their family life and relationships.  
My background has been working in the Devon area as a family support practitioner for the past 24 years, working with families experiencing high complex issues and supporting them to make better choices and decisions over family life. 
In  my career I  have worked in many safeguarding services,  such as the NHS, Education and Local Authorities and I have gained invaluable experience, training and skills to continue to support parents and children going through difficulties. 
Parenting Solutions Devon is a private run company that is established to help and advise the families of Devon, giving them every opportunity available to build a loving and nurturing family home life. 

Christine Franklin
Family Support Adviser.
Christine has worked as a Family Support Adviser for 10 years. She has extensive knowledge of supportive approaches,  when families are experiencing difficulties in their lives.
Christine has experience of working with a variety of professional services and agencies to support the families she has worked with.
Christine's ethos is to ensure the voice of the child is heard, parenting decisions are listened to and safeguarding of children and adults are adhered to. Christine believes the family unit is the most important aspect in every child's life. 
Annamarie Humphreys.
Family Support Worker.
Annamarie has worked with children for 15 years in an educational setting.  She has worked one to one with children experiencing emotional difficulties and supports the children using the ELSA program.
Annamarie also works with children who may experience difficulties in educational settings due to their learning needs. Annamarie has supported many children in her career and has been successful in working with a variety of professionals to support an educational plan for the child.
Liam Ford
Family Support Adviser
Liam has been working with children and families for 15 years.  Liam has an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care alongside having completed various training courses throughout his career which supports him in providing the best outcomes for young people and family's. Liam has supported looked after children in a residential setting for 10 years.


During Liam's career he has worked alongside many professionals such as Education, Health, Police and other local authorities.  In the past Liam has also worked for an edge of care service which has given him the insight into the most vulnerable families in the local area thus identifying  the correct levels of intervention needed for each individual family to achieve the best outcomes. 

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