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Worried about sending your children back to school?

Are you worried about sending your child back to school?

The recent word coming from the Government is a slow return to school from the 1st June. However, speaking to some of my clients I understand some are understandably worried about sending their children to school as the virus still exists and perhaps we still feel uncertain about how it is passed from person to person.

The other day I received an email from the Office of National Statistics telling me that 1 in 8 people don’t have a garden. This would make the current lockdown an immense experience for all those without an outside space to get to, especially if they have children. I’ve added a link to the report at the bottom, if you are interested.

Yesterday I spoke to a teacher who told me that social distancing was working for the children who are attending school, they were spending lots of time outdoors, were looking healthy and well, enjoying time at school and probably looking forward to seeing some of their friends returning to school!

The two issues let me think about what it felt like for those who have not had access to outside and for those who were worried about going back to school.. In the last 7 weeks some children and some teaching staff have been going to school.

They have faced potential ‘what if’ everyday, yet reports from schools have been about how helpful this has been for children, particularly those who find learning a bit of a challenge! Currently these children are receiving an education which may help them gain confidence and self-belief in themselves.

Those who are being asked to return are those that will benefit most from being in school. The measures schools are going to take are exactly as those we do at home, frequent hand washing, deep cleaning areas, safe protocols of not mixing classes and change of teachers. Giving continuity and care for our children. Society will require us to return to education and work in the near future to enable our children to have a future.

I understand why we may fear sending our children back into society, but I also feel there are amazing opportunities for our children, especially those without a garden. The chance to let our children play, enjoy and grow. Be assured schools will look very carefully how to ensure our children are cared for, protected and offered the chance to get back into their educational journeys.


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